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Gardening, and specifically vegetable gardening has been a constant “companion” of mine ever since I can remember.
In recent years however, through changing circumstances, and having less space, fresh home grown produce has taken a back seat. Then a couple of months ago I came across the idea of growing veggies and herbs in pots and then when I discovered specialised stack-a-pots,  I was instantly re-inspired and wasted no time in securing the  Southern African distribution rights from the inventor, John Keats in Australia.

I am now committed to promoting a new concept in gardening through the unique opportunities presented by these ingenious pots.
Traditionally, the options for green produce were either a space demanding, time consuming and laborious veggie patch, or the super market. But along with changing dietary patterns, a growing awareness of what we are putting into our mouths, its  increasingly “tasteless” nature, and the question ..“I wonder what has been sprayed on this?”, there has been a huge move towards buying so called organic produce, at great expense. Now with the introduction of the unique stack-a-pot system,  not only those with gardens, but all people who have a square metre of well lit space, inside or out, are able to organically grow their own pesticide free, delicious fresh home produce!

Specifically designed for use in small or confined areas, indoors or out, balconies, patios or small back yards, the stack-a-pot utilises vertical space in a unique and attractive way and is ideal for growing herbs, boutique vegetables, strawberries, flowers, indoor plants and much more. All pots have built-in water retaining features enabling a “capillary action self-watering mechanism” that allows for extended periods of time between watering sessions without reducing the need for your plants to receive consistent amounts of moisture and nutrients at their root zones. Combine all these characteristics with the hectic lifestyle of the average city resident, living in an apartment or small house, and amazingly, you will find that with very little effort, you can have fresh, tasty, home grown produce without all the hassle and daily watering commitment of a normal garden scenario;  .. imagine fresh cut herbs, as and when needed for cooking, but which are being kept fresh, in the meantime, on a plant and not in the fridge!

I often hear people say …  “I don’t have green fingers”.  Stack-a-pots make gardening easy. I believe that, often as a result of a lack of childhood exposure, many people create an aura of mystery around gardening, but the truth is that it is very easy, once a few basic rules are followed.
I am commited to helping you through the whole process all the way to harvest time!

John Suart

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