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Wall Mounted Planter

Wall Mounted Planter
Wall Mounted Planter Wall Mounted Planter Wall Mounted Planter Wall Mounted Planter Wall Mounted Planter Wall Mounted Planter
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* Starter Kit ------ See below for product info:



The wall mounted planter garden pots are perfect for creating beautiful plant arrangements on your walls without the clutter of pots on your floors. Wall Mounted Planter - set of 6 Pots.


The wall mounted planter comes in a box as a 6 pot set, but it is actually two sets of 3 pots.

Its designed as a modular set... each module comprising 3 pots and a spine; the spines are mounted on the wall with screws (included) and can either stand alone, ie. as 3 pot set; or mounted on another spine, to make a six pot stack or 9, or 12, etc.  See pictures for examples.

Measurements: Overall width: 470mm. Height of 3 pot module: 350mm. Height of 6 pot set: 650mm

There are two sets of 3 (one module)  in each box ... ie. 6 pots. The two modules of 3 stack on top of each other.

They are ideal for herbs and all manner of flowers , ferns etc, depending on the positioning ... shade, mild shade or sun etc.


The Starter Kit consists of a booklet (Planting guide), one or two starter packs (double/single kits) and a pack of Talbourne organic fertiliser tablets. 
Especially designed to be  combined with 30dm3 bag of potting soil as baught in the nursery (big one)
Approx 650gm  Coconut Coir Briquette
High moisture retention whilst improving aeration.
100gm  Talborne Organics Vita-Veg Fertiliser (Brown meal/pellet) Slow release fertiliser for a period of 4 months.
75gm Aquasorb Water Retaining Crystals. (White Crystals)  Expands 400x with water.
400gm Neutrog`s Bounce Back Sachet  for future surface feed. Stimulates healthy growth above and below ground.
1. Place Coconut Coir briquette in a bucket and add 3 litres water. Leave  for 20 mins; add further small amounts of water until          the  whole brick has broken down into a loose mixture and there are no hard bits remaing.
2Mix all the broken down Coconut coiralong with full contents of the Aquasorb crystal sachet and Talborne`s        Vita-Veg sachet  of slow  release fertiliser with a full 30dm3 (litrs) bag of potting soil. Mix well while still dry.
3Fill pots and plant seedlings and then water.
4The Bounce Back sachet  is kept aside and used as ongoing  feed for the next few months. Sprinkle on surface and work into top      layer of potting soil 2wkly or dissolve a table spoon (15gm) over night and then dilute to a approx 5 ltrs for a  weekly to 10day liquid          feed.
Individual Pot Volumes :  Small: 5dm3/pot.(5x3pots)
                                                Medium:10dm3/pot. (10x3pots)
                                                Large: 20dm3/pot. (20x3 or 4pots)
Suggest “watering in” your new plants with a liquid feed, eg. Nitrosol or similar natural organic fertiliser, and then feed weekly. Neutrog`s Bounce Back, dissolved in water overnight and then diluted makes a great liquid feed. 

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