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Large Set - 3 Pots

Large Set - 3 Pots
Large Set - 3 Pots Large Set - 3 Pots Large Set - 3 Pots Large Set - 3 Pots Large Set - 3 Pots Large Set - 3 Pots
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Starter Kit ------ See below for product info:

are pefect for arranging larger garden plants in pots.
The Starter Kit consists of a booklet (Planting guide), one or two starter packs (double/single kits) and a pack of Talbourne organic fertiliser tablets. 
Especially designed to be  combined with 30dm3 bag of potting soil as baught in the nursery (big one)
Approx 650gm  Coconut Coir Briquette
High moisture retention whilst improving aeration.
100gm  Talborne Organics Vita-Veg Fertiliser (Brown meal/pellet) Slow release fertiliser for a period of 4 months.
75gm Aquasorb Water Retaining Crystals. (White Crystals)  Expands 400x with water.
400gm Neutrog`s Bounce Back Sachet  for future surface feed. Stimulates healthy growth above and below ground.
1. Place Coconut Coir briquette in a bucket and add 3 litres water. Leave  for 20 mins; add further small amounts of water until          the  whole brick has broken down into a loose mixture and there are no hard bits remaing.
2. Mix all the broken down Coconut coir, along with full contents of the Aquasorb crystal sachet and Talborne`s        Vita-Veg sachet  of slow  release fertiliser with a full 30dm3 (litrs) bag of potting soil. Mix well while still dry.
3. Fill pots and plant seedlings and then water.
4. The Bounce Back sachet  is kept aside and used as ongoing  feed for the next few months. Sprinkle on surface and work into top      layer of potting soil 2wkly or dissolve a table spoon (15gm) over night and then dilute to a approx 5 ltrs for a  weekly to 10day liquid          feed.
Individual Pot Volumes :  Small: 5dm3/pot.(5x3pots)
                                                Medium:10dm3/pot. (10x3pots)
                                                Large: 20dm3/pot. (20x3 or 4pots)
Suggest “watering in” your new plants with a liquid feed, eg. Nitrosol or similar natural organic fertiliser, and then feed weekly. Neutrog`s Bounce Back, dissolved in water overnight and then diluted makes a great liquid feed. 
are pefect for arranging larger garden plants in pots.

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The Large Stack-A-Tubs® are a substantial planter for the more serious space deprived gardener, hobbyist or commercial hydroponics farmer.

About the Large planter

Volume: 20 litres (dm3) per layer; 60litres for a stack of 3. 

Overall Size: 3 layer stacked.  Height:675mm.  Diameter:585mm. Weight: 4.2kg

With Stack-A-Tubs® you can grow Herbs in abundance, Boutique Vegetables, Strawberries, Bulbs, Annuals, Perennials, Ferns, Bromeliads and the list goes on. With every growing area spanning 25cm (10 inches) wide every plant has room to reach its maximum potential. With the patented Stack-A-Tubs® internal irrigation system you can be certain every plant will evenly receive their life sustaining nutrients and moisture by one single application to the uppermost layer per watering session.

Stack-A-Tubs® are an efficient self-watering planter with each water well storing over a litre of life sustaining moisture and nutrients. This water storing feature allows for an extended period of time between watering sessions but will vary depending on location, temperature, wind and plant type, but may extend to as long as two weeks.    

Simply water your Stack-A-Tubs® directly into the uppermost stacking tub. The water will filter through the soil, fill the water well reservoir and then spill out through the side drainage holes . The side drainage holes will direct the overflow into and around the growing area of the tub directly beneath and start the whole process again within the second uppermost stacking tub. Continue watering until you see overflow entering the tray area ensuring that all stacking tubs, all growing areas and all water wells are completely and evenly watered.    
Handy Hints

The drip tray of Stack-A-Tubs® has been designed with rib like glides on the under surface to enable easy rotation of the whole stand and ensure your plants receive an even light source over a period of time.We advise you adjust your Stack-A-Tubs® 45° clockwise every watering session by turning the uppermost Tub like a wheel.

Growing Tips

Always use a good quality potting mix, add moisture retaining gel crystals or Aqua GelMat strips and cover soil with ornamental rocks, stones or mulch to achieve excellent moisture retention. A light application of worm castings or manure will assist the growth of herbs and vegetables greatly.
We also recommend the use of suitable liquid fertilizer every 3 or 4 weeks.    


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